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Leadership Triads©

Mid- to upper-level managers have the difficult role of leading their teams to execute a company strategy that they may not fully understand, and motivating team members to passionately pursue a future vision that may be murky.

Yet, most companies offer very little (if any) support to help these leaders build their leadership skills and grow their effectiveness over time.

That’s why Leadership Associates Consulting Group developed the Leadership Triads Program, a new methodology to provide continuous coaching and guidance to these critical organizational leaders.

Triad ImageEach Leadership Triad group is made up of three peer managers/leaders. The triads meet monthly for one hour via a virtual video conference medium. Members agree that whatever is said within the context of these triad sessions will be held in confidence by all. Each session is facilitated by one of Leadership Associates’ development coaches.

Each Leadership Triad session follows a specific 4-point agenda, as follows:

  1. DISCOVERY: Discussion of that month’s topic, usually based on a brief article sent in advance to triad members, and relevant to current events and a leader’s challenges.
  2. CHANGE DYNAMICS: Have there been any recent, significant changes in your worklife or responsibilities that may impact your ability to lead effectively?
  3. ACCOUNTABILITY: What have you done since we last met that was an intentional effort to be a better leader, and how did that turn out?
  4. CHALLENGES: Are you facing a current decision, dilemma, or major issue for which you would like confidential feedback or suggestions from your fellow triad members?

Triad participants quickly come to deeply appreciate this unique hour each month that equips and encourages them to attain their leadership potential. It also builds deep cross-functional relationships with other peer leaders.

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Here’s what some of our Leadership Triads participants have to say:

“I have learned new leadership skills every month and tools and techniques that I could immediately apply to my job.”
    Karen Holley, Production Supervisor, Distribution Logistics

“My Triad partners and I quickly came to trust and rely on each other, often reaching out for support outside of the monthly sessions.”
    Alan Goldstein, Marketing Director, Software

“Our Triad meetings set an expectation that I will be constantly improving as a leader. Having to tell my peers and our coach about how I am applying what I learn has motivated me to be constantly growing.”
    Risha Johnton, Benefits Director, Manufacturing

“In our Triad group we are all ‘leaders of leaders,’ and the coaching and guidance has made me more aware of how important it is for me to be setting a good example of effective leadership for my team.”
    Siddharth Gupta, Product Manager, Diagnostic Equipment

“Every month our coach guides us through a new topic discussion, and I have been amazed how it always seems so relevant and applicable to whatever is going on with me at that time.”
    Thomas Lee, Senior IT Manager, Management Consulting

“For me, I have come to think of our monthly Triad meetings as ’me time’ and it has become my favorite hour of every month.”
    Sarah Nguyen, Call Center Manager, Healthcare